Fri. Sep 20th, 2019

Warriors vs Raptors | 2019 NBA Finals

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warriors vs raptors

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson also twenty three points.

THOMPSON Of course injured.

That’s going to be a big story going forward.

Right now let’s check in with doors.

Steph It’s hard to imagine in the course of one game a team facing more adversity.

Warriors vs Raptors | 2019 NBA Finals

You didn’t look right.

You lose looney you lose Klay etc etc.

. How on earth do you walk away out of this road with.

Play playing the defenders.

Everybody. stay composed.

I mean they’re a great team.

They make runs but that third quarter

we impose our will and got stops and defensive end.

No matter how ugly was down the stretch.

Describe the confidence you had or what you thought when he released it.

the whole fourth quarter playing some janky defense just trying to.

send bodies to me everywhere.

They make runs but that third quarter

and. our whole roster just took advantage of it.

so Over the course of the game that’s kind of disrespectful to leave Andre Iguodala open like that.

You know with the game.

He’s made big shots like that before. and. he got it done tonight.

Demarcus Cousins hadn’t played in forty five days before Game 1 he plays just eight minutes Steve decides to start him.

He got other people involved with.

you know passing out the posts made a couple of big shots.

and just gave us energy.

Like obviously you said we had two guys who were down.

He stepped up big time and he’s appreciative of the moment

he’s played in his first finals

and. this is a big time for him.

so Young Quinn Cook was at periods out of a lineup.

Maybe lost some equity with the coaches.

When Clay goes out starts making shots how does he do that

When Clay goes out starts making shots how does he do that. What gives him confidence.

This is. Crazy. Guess.

he had to cry as the most complex on his team.

When it gets out there. again.

I don’t know how many fast break points they got but.

they never create a momentum that way tonight.

So. obviously I’ve played better got loose but we pretty much got everybody else.

Under what they did in the first game so.

just playing defense may have been competitive talking.

but Jeremiah was our anchor tonight.

so Made it no place to give us a cushion down the stretch.
That was it.

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