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USA women’s world cup 2019

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USA women’s world cup 2019

So see it tough possession in favor of the United States. We don’t have a foul statistic on there but Spain was certainly leaning on their physicality especially against Alex Morgan. Kate you and I watched this one here in Bristol Connecticut. Julie Foudy watched it live. So, Julie, we’ll start with you. Were you underwhelmed by the U.S. today or was it good enough?

I was I was underwhelmed. And on cue the siren passing. And.

But I think it’s it’s the first test they’ve had. We knew that was going to be an issue with how easily they got through that group stage. And honestly, you knew this was gonna be a good Spain team. I don’t think people are giving Spain enough credit though. That’s a good Spanish team that played smart play tactically smart knew that if they played and physical would disrupt them and the U.S. never sorted that they never adjusted I thought tactically. And I thought that front three struggled a little bit in particular Alex Morgan.

Julie on the second goal for the United States. Do you think it’s a penalty?

I do not. I thought it was soft. But here’s the problem right. When the referee makes the call and they go to var when they see the contact involved and it’s studs up.

USA women’s world cup 2019

Had she not made it right it would have been a different story because I don’t think she would have then ruled it a penalty but because she had already made it. She couldn’t then take it away because there was a little bit of contact but I think it’s a soft penalty. If it was the other side if it was that’s what happened in the United States box in the United States was going home on that penalty off.

so I mean there would be an outrage of course. And I thought the Spanish press.

Kata no goals from the run of play today for the United States against Spain. You’re not worried about moving forward.

. The U.S. couldn’t solve that they were numbers down in midfield. They didn’t use the flanks well enough and to Julie’s point the front three and I think someone called them A.T.M. on the bridge. They weren’t good enough today.

I don’t think we use the whip that well. I don’t make repeal had a good game. She’s coming in as an inverted winger but she’s not creating much. So this is a team that a lot of questions have now come up in the always mind. Coming up now and not earlier it is going to have a strong group stage games right now.

USA women’s world cup 2019

U.s. advancing then to the quarterfinals in Paris against the host France Kate. France is a better team than Spain right. Yes. If the U.S. plays like they did today they would not let France know if the U.S. plays like how they did today they will not beat France. They’re going to have to address the issues that were it came.

What are the biggest issues after that left-hand side is concerning defensively I don’t think Crystal Dunn played that well I don’t think Megan Rapinoe played that well offensively and that’s why you have her on the field is because she is so talented going forward she isn’t a defensive liability but she’s pretty close to that.

So what are you gonna do against the very dominant wing play of France?

Julie a lot of discussion about a listen there after this match. Are you nervous about her as we head into that France matchup?

USA women’s world cup 2019

Well, she didn’t ease some of the concerns. That’s for sure. Those people had and many of us have talked about coming into this. But I will say this and Kate will know this moment. Well, the ninety-nine World Cup reminded me very much of that quarterfinal against Germany.

We got a lot of time to make this up and what it showed me is that in those moments which we know can just tank a team and ruin a tournament they responded right. She dealt with it. She said I got to get my head up I got to know that I don’t want this to happen twice although it almost did happen again. So I think she is she was shaky by it for sure but I actually think that in the end may actually end up being a blessing there for the UK.

USA women’s world cup 2019

It will also be a blessing if the mayor comes out strong on the next type of challenge or the next decision making that to me as a player that wasn’t ready for the game. She wasn’t nervous. And when you’re nervous you don’t see the whole field. You only Q And on one thing she didn’t even see that Spanish player coming into January most as she had no idea. So I think it’s going to be critical for her the next time is just to kind of have that big moment. And then I think the whole entire team will play better.

I think the team was rallied as well and yeah they rallied around her because they have the talent to do so but against a tougher opponent that has a little bit more going forward because let’s be honest Spain didn’t have a ton going forward. They’re focused on sitting back and preventing U.S. attacks. That’s something that is the questions are still there. They haven’t been answered yet.

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