Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

james charles tati westbrook

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hi all James here um I’m currently

traveling abroad and just woke up but I

wanted to sit down and make a video

addressing all everything that’s going

on right now because they offer memory I

owe everybody an explanation but most

importantly I owe two important people

an apology to Tati and James

Westbrook um I’m sorry for everything

that is going on everything that I have

to put you through over the past few

weeks I met Tati and James almost three

years ago now when I was first coming

into the industry and when I had no

friends and nobody to talk to

or look up to and Tati very quickly took

on a parental role with me because she

knew my parents were across the country

and over the past few years of knowing

her family her and her husband have

given me so much love and advice and

opportunities and a place to stay

and a shoulder to cry out at 3:00 in the

morning and

support when nobody else would or wanted


and it and I’m so disappointed in myself

that I ruined our relationship that that

did mean so much to me even if I didn’t

to the best job of showing it all the


and throw all of this what sucks the

most is that I know there’s nothing I

can say or do to ever earn that

friendship or trust back but I don’t

blame them for it

a lot of my most of my career over the

past few years has been about me making

mistakes and trying to learn and grow

from them and I haven’t always done the

best job of that I can admit that but I

have always tried because I know there’s

a lot of people watching me and that a

lot of people look up to me as a role

model and I hate knowing that I

disappointed not really them but most

importantly to people that have been

role models to me doing this I wish that

I could say this is the last time that I

would make a mistake but it won’t be I

know that of disappoint people more and

more as I continue to learn and grow

every single day I have a long way to go

very long way to go

but that’s okay um I’m gonna keep trying

my best and keep learning and growing

and be the best version of me that I

possibly can be I’m sorry for that in

regards to the Coachella situation with

the brand deal on the security guard

I’ve already told my truth about this

twice and instead of talking about it

for a third time and explaining it and

going into detail and pulling up

receipts it doesn’t matter and I’m I

understand that no matter what I say or

do they’re always going to be people

that don’t believe me and will think

that I’m lying that’s okay at this point

the truth really does not matter it’s

the feelings that do and no matter what

happened I heard two very very important


and they’ve been really really loyal to

me and I ain’t betrayed that no songs

and I wish more than anything that I

could take it back in regards to the

boys situation

boys have been a topic that I’ve talked

a lot about on my social media journey

and it’s a topic that I wish I hadn’t

I’ve been involved a lot of very unique

and strange situations that I’ve left

people confused or upset and I’ve

learned the hard way about ways that I

can interact with boys that I’m

interested in and also ones that I

should or shouldn’t be talking to this

is a conversation that I know a lot of

people are uncomfortable with and it’s

something that I should have been far

more careful with bringing into the

public eye especially with a lot of

situation that just happened I’ve had to

learn it the hard way but coincidentally

enough talk to you really was one of the

people to sit me down and tell me how it

looked from the outside and let me know

hey talking to these boys might get you

in trouble one day

and she’s right

in regards to my own mother

well I know you want to defend me and

fight for me and go off on comments but

I ask that you don’t this is my problem

that I thought myself into and this is

my job to deal with this no matter what

is anybody is saying or commenting or

talking about mom I need you to know

that you’re the most important person in

my life and think you are an amazing

mother and I don’t know what I would do

without you and I’m so grateful for

everything that you’ve done for me and

the lessons that you have taught me and

and everything that you continue to do

for me and my brother and I need you to

know that engage you to know that

and the same thing goes for Tati as well

who is an amazing person and truly does

want the best for everybody around her

I’m so disappointed myself that I


um a lot of times when I’ve had to

address things in the past I knocked it

out of impulse and I’ve got off and

tried to pull receipts or fax or

screenshots it’ll play the victim and

I’m not doing that today

kind of loud to say

I’m sorry

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