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I sacrificed my talent’ playing with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward- 002

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Kyrie Irving and Gordon
Kyrie Irving and Gordon

Kyrie Irving and Gordon

How difficult was it for you to play the way that you play in the lead this team – Kyrie Irving and Gordon

the way that you led them last year in the postseason without Kyrie and Gordon Hayward to then come into this season and not only have to obviously return to a reserve role but to basically as you would say really sacrifice your game in what amounts to essentially a contract year for you. I’m not talking about now as you reflect and I’m talking about at the beginning of this season when you realize the magnitude of the sacrifice you were going to have to make. How did you feel what were the kind of things you said to Brad Stevens or Danny Ainge.

Well I’d like to add that things was all good before we actually started. You know I still had a positive mindset that you know he was going to make it work. But you know ever since that day to curry you know announce in front of the fans that he was they would like to have him back. He would come back things I feel like shift shift and left for me. Just seeing the way people treated me with the attitude and I feel like I was just Don all the way in and a back seat and you know I just had to adjust to that. You know I talked to Brad multiple times talked to guys multiple times but I just feel like

It just isn’t and then nobody matter you attitude when you say that and the quote and you say it now like whose attitudes are you speaking about your coach or what teammates attitudes like what.

Because you basically said I’m dealing with all these types of attitudes and you just said it right now I feel like every team do different I imagine you playing with guys is getting paid so much money as in Gori Gori Hey where you dealt with 30 men are you dealing with Kyrie Irving. Well who everybody knows about was nice. You got guys like me J.T. Jaylen Brown. So you know everybody added to not just those guys myself and it wasn’t easy for coach because you got guys that want to be the man guys that is the man. You got guys as already pay you got guys want to get pay. So that wasn’t easy. This was a talent most talented team I ever played on.

Right. And it didn’t work out. No one feels sorry for Brad Stevens not being able to figure it out. You’ve got all that talent. Steven A has brought up Gordon Hayward as I said I focused on Kyrie because this supposed to be his team you’re supposed to be the leader of the team. He’s won a championship. He wanted his own team. He got to Boston. You guys are loaded. How much do you think the negative result ultimately you were a good team but not a great one how much is a result of chi RI How much is the result of the young guys yourself included. But obviously you mentioned Tatum and you mentioned Jaylen Brown not adjusting yourselves properly to Kyrie. Or is it a Gordon Hayward issue of how far I feel like it’s a little bit of both and I feel I guess. I feel like dat along with the coaches you know them. Treating Gordon and and Kyrie

I want to say different in their bios but you know I feel like they just treat them like they was on that level where there were no adjustments that could be made because they are who they are and you know we never figured it out we never got good at that.

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