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democratic debate 2019

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democratic debate 2019

tonight round one New Jersey senator democratic debate 2019

Cory Booker former housing secretary

Julian Castro New York City Mayor Bill

DeBlasio former Maryland Congressman

John Delaney Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi

Gabbard Washington governor jay Inslee

Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar former

Texas congressman beto Aurora Ohio

congressman Tim Ryan and Massachusetts

senator Elizabeth Warren and we’ll start

this evening with senator Elizabeth

Warren senator good evening to you thank

you have many plans free college

free child care government health care

cancellation of student debt new taxes

new regulations the breakup of major

corporations but this comes at a time

when 71% of Americans say the economy is

doing well including 60% of Democrats

what do you say to those who worry this

democratic debate 2019

kind of significant change could be

risky to the economy so I think of it

this way who is this economy really

working for it’s doing great for a

thinner and thinner slice at the top

when you’ve got a government when you’ve

got an economy that does great for those

with money and isn’t doing great for

everyone else that is corruption

pure and simple we need to call it out

we need to attack it head-on and we need

to make structural change in our

government in our economy and in our



well first the economy but we know that

not everyone is sharing in this

prosperity and Donald Trump just sits in

the White House and gloat about what’s

going on when you have so many people

that are having trouble affording

college and having trouble affording

their premiums so I do get concerned

democratic debate 2019

about paying for college for rich kids I

do but I think my plan is a good one and

my plan would be to first of all make

Community College free and make sure

that everyone else besides that top

percentile gets help with their

education how much fundamental change to

the economy is desirable and how much is

actually doable

in that vein some Democrats want a

marginal individual tax rate of 70% on

the very highest earners those making

more than 10 million dollars a year

would you support that and if not what

would your top individual rate be this

economy has got to work for everyone and

right now we know that it isn’t and it’s

gonna take all of us coming together to

make sure that it does necesito mas in

queered cada persona en el éxito de este

pono Mia pero si quiere Moses arizo

necesitamos include cada persona in

Westra democracia cada votar caca de

votante necesitamos la representación

acara voz necesitamos escuchar right now

we have a system that favors those who

can pay for access and outcomes that’s

how you explain an economy that is

rigged to corporations and the very

wealthiest a two trillion dollar tax cut

that favored corporations while they

were sitting on record piles of cash and

the very wealthiest in this country at a

time of historic wealth inequality I’ll

give you ten seconds to answer if you

want to support a 70% individual

democratic debate 2019

marginal tax rate yes/no or pass I would

support a tax rate and a tax code that

is fair to everyone tax capital at the

the same rate that you tax ordinary income take that corporate tax rate up to 28% you would generate the revenues

you need to pay for the programs we’re

talking that’s time Thank You senator

Booker that this is actually an economy

that’s hurting small biz

this is and not allowing them to compete

one of the most aggressive bills in the

Senate to deal with corporate

consolidation is mine about corporate

consolidation of the AG sector it is

about time that we have economy that

works for everybody not just the

democratic debate 2019

wealthiest in our nation we’ve had the

laws out there for a long time to be

able to fight back what’s been missing

is courage courage and Washington to

take on the Giants it has been far too

long that the monopolies have been

making the campaign contributions have

been funding the super PACs have been

out there making sure that their

influence is heard and felt in every

single decision that gets made in

Washington what would you do to ensure

that women are paid fairly in this

country I would do several things

starting with something we should have

done a long time ago which is to pass

the equal rights amendment also

legislation so that women are paid equal

pay for equal work in this country it’s

past time that we did that and you know

democratic debate 2019

so we have to do this if we want to be the most prosperous nation in the 21stcentury

but we need to make sure that women are paid what they deserve all right

thank you but the same questions your

congresswoman Gabbard your your thoughts

on equal pay well first of all let’s

recognize the the situation we’re in

that the American people deserve a

president who will put your interests

ahead of the rich and powerful that’s

not what we have right now I enlisted in

the Army National Guard after the al

Qaeda terror attacks on 9/11 so I could

go after those who had attacked us on

that day I still serve as a major served

over 16 years deployed twice to the

Middle East and in Congress serve

on the Foreign Affairs and Armed Services

committees for over six years I know the

importance of our national security as

well as the terribly high cost of war

and for too long our leaders have failed

us taking us from one regime-change war

to the next leading us into a new Cold

War and arms race costing us trillions

of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars and

countless lives this insanity must and

as president I will take your

hard-earned taxpayer dollars and instead invest those dollars into serving your needs things like health

a green economy good-paying jobs protecting our environment and so much


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